• IskurBlast

    The money issue from Hauser that USADA didn’t address at all.

    “USADA received an up-front payment of $150,000 to administer drug testing for 2015’s Mayweather-Pacquiao fight”

    “VADA charged a total of $16,000 to administer drug testing for the April 18, 2015, junior-welterweight fight between Ruslan Provodnikov and Lucas Matthysse. By contrast, USADA charged $36,000 to administer drug testing for the April 11, 2015, middleweight encounter between Andy Lee and Peter Quillin”

    So USADA is a nonprofit. Since we can gauge the actual cost of testing based on previous fights where exactly is this extra money that USADA got going? It can’t be returned to the shareholders like a for profit. I dont know of any USADA charities.

    Sounds like it has to be a big fat bonus to the executives.


    According to a statemet by Bob Bennett, director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, the commission has sole authority to grant a TUE. Bennet also said that the granting of the threputic use exemption (TUE) is a detailed an involved process and he did not recall any TUE being granted as lose to a fight as this one.
    USADA failed to address this issue in their statement.
    Mayweather Promotions contracted with USADA to do drug testing for the fight and this just seems to invite a conflict of interest situation.