As nonprofit leaders and team members are racing to keep operations open and to be responsive to the needs of their clients amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, what is the role of the nonprofit board right now? Where is their leadership needed most to support the organization, its employees, and the recipients of its services?

And what are the critical changes that are occurring for nonprofit organizational finances? What are both their short-term and long-term ramifications?

In this webinar, the participants delve into the role of the nonprofit board in this time of unprecedented uncertainty.

This panel was presented at the 2020 Nonprofit Finance and Sustainability Conference, sponsored by Propel Nonprofits and the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, on April 14, 2020, and is republished with their kind and generous permission.

A link to the webinar slides is available here.

Participating in the discussion are:

This webinar explores:

  • Five key board member responsibilities that are core to participating in the governance, oversight, positioning, and visioning of a nonprofit.
  • Ten strategic actions for board members to prioritize in undertaking their governance role during a crisis.
  • How board members can balance fiduciary, strategic and generative responsibilities.
  • Resources available for nonprofit leaders seeking guidance in crisis management.