Little Free Library

December 2, 2014;Quartz

Madison Reid, an eight-year-old from the Cleveland area, was asked to represent the value of Little Free Library, a nonprofit that establishes…well, little free libraries where people can exchange their books for others. Madison’s mother is a steward for one of the local little libraries, so I imagine this particular passion runs in the family. We figure this child has a bright future getting people to do stuff—in other words, as a leader—and we thought we would share her oratory style with you. She gains steam as she goes along.

From the transcript:

“The world needs books. What would the world be like without books? They fuel our mind like cars and gas. The cars can’t go without gas; our brains can’t go without books. The world needs books. We…need books. It would break my heart if one book was lost. Just a page, just a word, just a letter was gone, I would be heartbroken. What would the world do without books? The world would be empty! It would be empty, like a bucket without water. Like a brain without knowledge. Like a file cabinet without papers. We need books. The world would be black and white without books. The world would be blank without books.”

I totally agree, Madison.—Ruth McCambridge