The Nascent Nonprofit Organization—What Happens Before a Nonprofit Is Born?

It is difficult to identify exactly when an organization has come into existence. A general rule is that a nonprofit is born the moment it has been officially registered by the IRS, but this article argues that “the emergence of a new nonprofit organization is better understood as a process rather than a discrete event or state. Specifically, reducing nonprofit birth to the act of registration is to simplify and ignore critical aspects of the organizing process.”

Social Entrepreneurship as Fetish

We are apt to praise the entrepreneurial spirit, but entrepreneurship is not automatically tied to success—a fact that has not stopped proponents from prescribing it as a cure-all for our sector’s woes, and which may have blinded some to the very real challenges that await those eager to put the concept into practice. Until the value of social entrepreneurship has been empirically assessed and established, it would be wise to proceed with care.