LGBTQ Hate-Based Murder Rates Rose Even Before Orlando

The U.S. hate-based murder rate of LGBTQ individuals has climbed 20 percent from 2014 to 2015. Of the 24 known homicides, 67 percent were people of color, and 54 percent were transgender women of color. Next year, of course, that number will have ballooned. Is this part of a backlash to advances finally made in the civil rights of LGBT community members?

Human Development and Social Change: An Expanded Perspective on the Work of the Nonprofit Sector

The nonprofit sector is fraught with wicked problems: poverty, injustice, and the environmental crises we face are just a few of the areas where, collectively, we are in over our heads. We are continuously bumping up against the edges of our thinking, and as we gather courage, we recognize where our current ways of thinking are ineffective in helping us to resolve the complex challenges.