The 16 Ways Your 990 Informs on You

Many nonprofit leaders leave their 990s to their tax preparers. But more and more donors are examining the form as part of their due diligence. By using their returns to educate and clarify, nonprofits can garner increased revenue and donor engagement.

In the Philanthropic Weeds: Cannabis Giving Goes Local

Although marijuana remains classified as an illegal substance by the federal government, the industry is booming thanks to legalization in more than half of the states. Many marijuana businesses want to give back, but many nonprofits remain hesitant.

Sexual Assault on Campus, Anonymity, and Title IX

According to an NIJ study, 20 percent of female college students are sexually assaulted while on campus. Some choose to file a complaint in their institution’s Title IX office, but these proceedings are full of challenges for the accused and the accuser.

Fighting Domestic Violence, One Haircut at a Time

Although many victims of domestic violence remain silent, often those close to them are aware of the violence and want to help. A new Illinois law provides resources and education to hair stylists and others who find themselves in a situation to help.