Battlefield History and Status: First Amendment Tensions between Nonprofits and Governments

Over the next few weeks, we will be running an important, five-part series on the new nonprofit regulatory environment, which will include articles on the IRS, state regulatory mechanisms, and the trends on a global level. In this first article, Jon Pratt discusses the balance that must be struck in nonprofit regulation, a balance that both jealously protects our First Amendment rights and also requires the best of this sector as stewards of the public trust.

Nineteen Practices toward a Nonprofit Theory of Leadership and Organizational Culture

Nonprofit organizations are different from those in the business and government sectors—so, reasons the author, it would be logical to expect to manage and govern them differently. In the absence of a general framework for nonprofit management, however, thirdsector organizations are under persistent pressure to look like something else. The nineteen practices laid out in this article were developed by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits in aid of reversing this trend.

What the Government Shutdown in Minnesota Means for Nonprofits and Communities

NPQ’s Ruth McCambridge talked with Jon Pratt of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and Kate Barr of the Minnesota-based Nonprofit Assistance Fund to get a sense of what a Minnesota state government shutdown would mean for nonprofits and what the two organizations are doing to prepare groups for what is expected to be weeks of life in limbo. Our conversation begins with the judge’s decision, and quickly moves to take on the larger issue of the impact of this shutdown on nonprofits – guidance for nonprofits in the state, special loan funds to bridge the shutdown, and the role of the media during the run-up to the shutdown.