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The persistent whiteness of nonprofit boards clearly makes many in the sector complicit in perpetuating institutionalized racism, so how do nonprofits break through and begin to make meaningful change in this area? It takes a change of culture—a change in the ways that nonprofits think about their work and who is the “we,” and building a team that champions the change. But all of that is within reach.

In this second part of a two-part series, nationally renowned board and equity consultants Vernetta Walker and Robin Stacia answer participants’ questions about how to transform a board so it embraces a racial equity agenda,

In this session, you’ll find many practical examples of ways to approach the work, discussions of the barriers to change, and tools to help organize and ground racial justice in your organizational mission. Stacia and Walker bring an interactive approach that is deeply insightful, grounded in both research and practice, and unrelentingly focused on creating a different and more racially just future.


  • Vernetta Walker, Principal, Walker and Associates Consulting
  • Robin Stacia, CEO, Sage Consulting Network