I hope that you will make a pledge to NPQ today because without you, NPQ is not viable. 

I was talking to one of our board members the other day, and I wondered aloud—yet again—why the board did not pull the plug on NPQ at some point over the past few years, when we really did not know if we were going to make it financially.

I have always wondered what makes some boards give up and others take risks. A board I was once on lost a number of key members because they believed that it was irresponsible to keep a battered women’s shelter open with no perceivable flow of funds past six months. The shelter continues to exist thirty years later, because those who understood the importance of the work found a way out of no way.

Going back to my conversation with our NPQ board member, she explained that for her there is a clear distinction between a nonprofit that fails to thrive and which no one is driven to love and nurture, and one that is doing excellent and critical work but is in a scary rough patch during which ultimately only the investment of its adherents keeps it afloat.

With the shelter and with NPQ, the key was to get their communities mobilized as supporters. Because without your support, we have no credibility with other funders—which is as it should be. With your support, our credibility soars like some kind of magic carpet.

So this letter is to ask for your support – to ask you to make a donation today to NPQ.

And speaking of magic carpets…if you make a donation today, it will be doubled by an anonymous donor! So don’t delay.

NPQ is what it is ONLY because of you.