Why Funding Overhead Is Not the Real Issue: The Case to Cover Full Costs

Are you frustrated with the way your nonprofit budget works or the way you and your board discuss it? The first step in making money work differently in nonprofits is to understand it differently and this extraordinary webinar with Claire Knowlton of the Nonprofit Finance Fund will help you do just that. It is a new and more empowered way to view the nonprofit as enterprise. Watch it and save it to share with your board and funders.

The Completely Revised Guide to Great Board Recruitment

Recruiting board members for many nonprofits is an exercise lacking not only in vision but in common sense. In this recorded webinar session panelists Vernetta Walker, Ruth McCambridge and Anasuya Sengupta will walk you through the why’s and how’s of these new governance processes step by step.

Nonprofit Governance’s New Frontier: Empowered and Connected Stakeholders

The new communications environment has created a new governance environment. It is far easier for an organization’s stakeholder groups to communicate with one another and organize against boards when they make decisions that stakeholders disapprove of. NPQ has been following two remarkable cases of this dynamic at Sweet Briar College and the San Diego Opera. This video will allow you to hear firsthand from the new board chairs of both organizations. What did governance look like before and after the stakeholder action? There is an enormous amount of useful information here for all boards. Check it out and use it as a learning tool for your board!

Nonprofit Technology Trends Webinar

Ruth McCambridge facilitates a roundtable discussion about the past and future of nonprofit technology. We look back on all that has changed in the world of nonprofit technology over the past 10 years, what’s stayed the same, and what you can count on over the next five to 10 years.