Over the last year, NPQ has spent a good deal of time covering BoardSource’s most recent Leading with Intent report—in particular, examining its findings relative to the continuing lack of diversity on nonprofit boards. Long story short, it’s well past time to change the narrative and help nonprofit boards understand what it takes to become inclusive and more representative of the increasingly diverse American public.

As a first step, NPQ and BoardSource are looking for boards who have discovered their own secret sauce to becoming inclusive. Our hope is to examine a variety of cases to surface what the steps and processes are to that transformation: what the images of success were, how barriers were addressed, and what strategies did and did not work, among other things. We are interested in your journey and the lessons you have learned along the way.

If you’d like to participate, please complete the brief form below by January 26, 2018. We want to share stories from nonprofits of many sizes and types to serve as a catalyst for widespread change and impact. If selected, you will receive detailed information and have the opportunity to speak with a representative from NPQ before committing to move forward.

We look at this project as one with ambitions not only to educate but to promote widespread change. But to succeed, its grounded methodology needs you.