I want to remind all of you to make the time to attend our free bring-your-own-question webinar (BYOQ) with me and the fabulous Kim Klein on September 24th.

I remember when I was a young executive director, not having a clue about how to do what I had to do from financial management and reporting to fundraising. All of it made me sweat and want to avoid the failure I was sure to encounter, but that was the essence of my so-called “professional” life—learning under fire.

So when I first heard Kim Klein on the subject of asking for money, it was a formative experience for me. Until then, despite my involvement in social justice work, I had been beset by a weird combination of shame and anger at having to beg for money to right wrongs. Not exactly an empowered position. Anyway, Kim’s trainings helped me reorganize my thinking while, at the same time, she was hitting us all with grounded practical tips, one after another.

That is why Kim is the right person to spend time with now, as income inequality grows wider than ever. She is one of the few people who understands not only how this affects the giver, but also how it affects the asker and then what to do about it.

In any case, we mean it when we say bring your own questions. We’d love to see what they are beforehand so we can develop the session around your needs.