July 29, 2013; Shreveport Times


Monday, at the Baton Rouge Press Club, John Kennedy, the Republican state treasurer now considering a run for governor of Louisiana, is planning to refer 36 nonprofits to the state’s new debt recovery office because they received $4.452 million in tax money but have not complied with reporting requirements. They will all be issued final demand letters and will have until August 31st to comply.

In a press release, Kennedy revealed that this is not the first attempt to get the nonprofits to report on in grants they have received. “Over the last several years, our Audit & Compliance Division has repeatedly sent certified letters, sent e-mails, and even made personal call attempts to these particular entities demanding the required ‘progress reports’ and the supporting documentation required under the law, with little or no response,” said Treasurer Kennedy. “While most NGOs have worked in good faith with our office and have been in compliance, these 36 organizations have become the most flagrant violators of these important requirements.”

The Office of Debt Recovery is a brand new component of government in Louisiana, advocated for by Kennedy, who is quoted as saying, “I’m hoping all agencies across state government will aggressively utilize this new mechanism to maximize revenues. Every dollar that is brought in by this new process is one less dollar we have to raise in taxes or cut in important priorities, such as funding education or aiding the disabled.” 

The press release named names and amounts owed, but we will not list them here. However, if you are behind in reporting on a state grant: heads up, wherever you are! Such ideas for revenue recovery will remain popular as the “recovery” grinds on.—Ruth McCambridge