March 4, 2011; Source: Access Hollywood | All eyes will be on still unfinished relief efforts in Haiti this week. Well, sort of. Bad boy TV star Charlie Sheen – in trouble for repeated public rants – promised last week that he plans to make a trip to Haiti with Sean Penn, who has been involved in relief efforts since founding the J/P Haitian Relief Organization following the January 2010 earthquake.

During a phone interview on Friday with Access Hollywood Live's Billy Bush and Kit Hoovers, Sheen said, “We’re going to do a couple things first and then it looks like we’re heading down [to Haiti]. And I’m excited as hell because, you know, if I can bring the attention of the world down there, then clearly this tsunami keeps cresting.”

Shortly afterward, Penn issued a statement applauding Sheen's decision to join him on a trip to Haiti this week. “I think his energies, intelligence and passion could be both of service and servicing to him, as it is to all who are touched by the struggle of the Haitian people,” said Penn. "I would very much like to show my old friend the world of needs on the ground in Haiti, and introduce him and his tremendous wit to our hard working Haitian staff." Maybe this time Sheen will let his deeds, instead of his mouth, do all the talking.—Bruce Trachtenberg