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Dear Reader:

Every year, each member of NPQ’s board of directors makes a financial contribution to NPQ, and we use the total pledged as a challenge to kick off our end-of-year fundraising. This year, our small board pledged $5,000 as a challenge to you.

This means that the first $5,000 to come in as donations today will be matched dollar for dollar by our board members. So, give generously right now to ensure your match!

We must raise at least ten times that by the end of December 31st, and this year we will have no end-of-year tax deadline with which to lure you.

Give now, and we promise to work hard on the Universal Tax Deduction next year. Give now, and we promise to work hard to center human and civil rights and economic and racial equity in our work, as they pertain to management, to governance, and to policy. Give now, and we promise to serve you and your work, because you are the way forward for all of us.

And, if you want to establish your own challenge of $500 or above as an organization or individual, email us here.