December 15, 2010; Source: Sky News | In an attempt to raise awareness about the many types of emergency calls they receive each day, the British Animal Rights group, RSPCA, will tweet its emergency calls for one day on December 15.

Tony Woodley, the RSPCA Inspector, told Sky News while he often tweets a few emergency calls a day, he’s going to do a “marathon” of tweets or a “tweet-a-thon” to “show the situations RSPCA officers face on a daily basis and the number of animals we help.” This is an interesting way to show a day in the life of a nonprofit. Woodley got the idea from the Greater Manchester Police, which tweeted for 24 hours straight every single report they handled. Follow the RSPCA here.

According to the RSPCA, “On average someone in England and Wales calls the RSPCA’s cruelty line every 30 seconds. The charity received more than 1.25 million phone calls last year and responds to around 1,000 incidents a day.”—Kristin Barrali