October 6, 2011; Source: Twitter | Remember the “Faux Rahm Emanuel” Twitter account? I was a big fan. So I was very pleased to see a Twitter feed entitled @FakePewResearch, which is publishing a series of interesting findings that mimic those issued by Pew itself – findings such as the fact that 13 percent of people pretend they are talking on their cell phones to avoid talking to another humans. Among the recent findings of @FakePewResearch:

  • 33% of puppies never get hugged. #DownerStats
  • 0% of dogs go to Heaven. #DownerStats 4 Oct
  • 6% of people are unaware of the escaped lunatic standing behind them with a knife while they browse social networks.

The feed is not for the faint-of-heart, but is interesting in that it pokes fun at an esteemed institutional presence. I had some similar ideas about establishing faux Twitter accounts to impersonate certain someones. Who in this sector would you enjoy mimicking?—Ruth McCambridge