October 3, 2011; Source: Wall Street Journal | Apparently those “occupying” Wall Street are having little problem eating, even now as they start their third week, due to a large number of supporters who make it their business to order a couple or 200 pies from the convenient Libaratos Pizzaria (home of the Occu-pie) or a six foot hoagie or three or four via a local corporate donor. The orders for take-out are coming from as far as Western Europe, Wisconsin and California thanks to a wise use of a twitter account connected to the protesters.

The Occu-pie logo, in case you are interested, looks like the Ghostbusters logo with a line of peperoni across the center of the pie. For dessert, a bouquet from Edible Arrangements is available.

Additionally, lest the protestors eat alone, local workers have been taking their own lunch down to Zucotti Park to share a meal and a chant. Interesting.—Ruth McCambridge