May 1, 2015;Deseret News

On April 29th, the Mormon Church approved a system for online tithing in the United States. The system, which will be rolled out gradually, will also allow donations through the church for humanitarian relief efforts and to support a friend or family member’s mission. The Church’s Finance and Records Department says the new system will reduce reduced the workload on local congregations.

“The new online donations process does not replace previous methods for paying tithes and offerings,” according to public affairs representative Eric Hawkins. “If someone still wants to pay with an envelope, that is still fine. This is simply another option,” he said.

This is not the first such system to be rolled out, of course. A platform called Easy Tithe invites congregations of all types to make use of its service, which it admits may be more expensive than some others but is tailored exactly to church congregation needs. From the (likely select) reviews online, it appears that users feel that the system increases tithed donations by automating them, and it also lends itself to other things like engaging congregants in activities.

Here is a small video in case you want to view “Bob” establishing a new relationship with his church giving.

Easy Tithe in One Minute from Easy Tithe on Vimeo.


—Ruth McCambridge