September 15, 2010; Source: Build Buzz | Can ten words that start with the letter M make or break your communications strategy? Chris Forbes, co-author of Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits, thinks going through this particular list will be of benefit, and we, as seasoned social media staffers with a disdain for top-ten lists, happen to think that he’s covered all the bases. Below are the first few on the list:

Message: In order for your message to have any impact for your cause, it has to contain your message. A funny or interesting video, even if it becomes a very popular online phenomenon, is useless to your nonprofit if it doesn’t get people to take action.

Meme: The message of your viral outreach needs to be easy to grasp without explanation and easy to pass on to others.

Meeting: Find the media that your target audience likes to use and go where the people are. Media researchers estimate 60 percent of adults belong to a social network, but most only belong to one. Spread your virus in a variety of networks.

Forbes’s Forbes’s full list can be found over at Build Buzz. Happy reading, and happy tweeting!—James David Morgan