Dear Readers:

Over this past long holiday weekend, as we watched the hype about Giving Tuesday gathering steam, we wondered what long-term effects this new form of collective fundraising is likely to have in context of the myriad of other macro changes in our giving environments.

We see the need to take immediate action to change how we as nonprofits interact with our donor communities. That’s why we are changing our publishing schedule to bring you as much information as we can as quickly as we can about the rapid and very real hollowing out of the US individual giving environment…and what you can do to stem that dynamic for your nonprofit. We know you need this information now—not early next year, when we planned to release it—and we pride ourselves on getting news to you in a way that’s as time-sensitive and useful as possible.

You may remember that NPQ has been a harbinger of this fast-moving hollowing-out trend, surfaced over a year ago by Dr. Patrick Rooney, one of many researchers with whom we work closely. This is what we mean to be to you: we track trends, look for indicators, ask the right questions on your behalf, and provide you with critical information that is timely, relevant, and actionable.

But we can’t exist without your participation and support. Right now, we need your financial support, because we have around $20,000 in challenge grants that must be matched by you.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to DOUBLE YOUR DONATION TODAY through NewsMatch. With your gift, we will continue to help you to negotiate and even positively rejuvenate the new donor landscape!

Please invest in NPQ today!

And watch for our series of original articles on individual giving, which starts tomorrow.


In partnership,

Ruth McCambridge, Editor in Chief

P.S.: If you want to issue a challenge of your own, and you have more than $5,000 to give, just let me know at [email protected].