July 26, 2011; Source: danzarella.com | Although this is not a news story but a blog, we thought we’d like to put this guy’s research assertions to the test. Dan Zarrella, who calls himself “The Social Media Scientist,” says that there are five sure fire ploys to put to work if you want to get more retweets; they are:

  • Tweet links
  • Ask for retweets (and you have to spell out retweet vs. RT)
  • Stop talking about yourself
  • Tweet the news
  • And (oh dear) tweet about tweeting

Anyway the post has more detail and little graphs about the author’s assertions and you can read the comment section for yourself to see that not all of the SMS’s followers buy all his arguments (though they do buy some of it). That said, we’ll try this stuff out today! Visit our twitter feed to join in. –Ruth McCambridge