December 12, 2011; Source: Forbes | Should organizations make use of their social media networks to distribute press releases which are, according to this Forbes writer, a necessary evil of doing business? After asking such experts as Stacey Acevero, Social Media Community Manager of Vocus/PRWeb and Neal Rodriguez, online marketing expert and blogger for, there’s not one answer. Your approach must be nuanced based on which social media tools and your organization’s personality. The “social” in social media means your communications should be tailored for your venue and audience.

According to David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, you should not replace your traditional press release distribution with a social media only distribution because  Google will only pick up news from a “recognized distribution news service,” and this does not include Facebook or Twitter.

Scott suggests that you re-word your traditional press release into a more informal and conversation-seeking communication before sending it out over the social media wire.

The conclusion the article’s author, Robert Wynn, offers is this:

“Facebook – Rarely, almost never.  Make sure the news is BIG.

LinkedIn – Sometimes, with short intro and a link.  Better for groups.

Twitter – Maybe, with a snappy intro and a link.

Blogs – always.

Keep it relevant and target it to the smallest, most interested group possible.”—Kristin Barrali