Love Hearts,” Steven Feather

We have to admit that even though NPQ really needs your donations right now to carry on financially, we also look forward to the short but important messages that accompany them.

For instance, as Suzanne made her $100 donation yesterday from California, she wrote:

NPQ consistently delivers high quality, pertinent news on the social sector. Putting my $$ where my eyeballs go, every day, in my in-box.

We love what our donors say when they make their gifts. For us who work here—early mornings and late nights—to bring you your daily dose of new developments and knowledge, it’s a peek into NPQ’s impact, which often goes far beyond the reader. For instance, Jacqueline in New Mexico gave NPQ $200, but she also said:

I teach Nonprofit Law in 2 graduate programs, and NPQ is valuable and accessible for the future generation of nonprofit activists.

That shows us a view of the multiplier effect of our work. Lots of nonprofit education programs use NPQ in their classes, but we are an educational resource that extends beyond the classroom into the trenches—the real world we all inhabit—and one that practitioners use and help add to, year after year. Valerie in Minnesota, who has been an annual donor for some time, gave $100 and writes:

NPQ has been a reliable part of my professional life forever. I can’t imagine doing my work without the resources, ideas, and knowledge it provides.

Please leave NPQ your own message and donation today. NPQ is still way too far from our end-of-year goal of $50,000 in support from our community of readers—and that $50,000 that you will help make happen is, by far, the most important money in our slim budget.