June 2, 2010; WXTV | An anonymous tweeter who has been making life uncomfortable for BP by sending out missives that play on BP’s horrific PR effort provided more reason for us to admire him this week. The Associated Press reports that the individual who has been operating a Twitter account under the name “@BPGlobalPR,” and sending tweets to publicly shame the oil giant, donated $10,000 to Gulf Restoration Network.  The organization was started in 1995 to restore the natural resources of the Gulf region.  The money has come from t-shirts the fake BP twitterer has been selling for $25 a piece.  The T-shirts feature a black, smudged version of the company’s logo: “bp cares.”  AP reports that the anti-BP Twitter account popped up online May 19 with an opening tweet: “We regretfully admit that something has happened off of the Gulf Coast. More to come.”  Since then it has attracted over 100,000 followers. Looks like people are gushing with admiration.  As an example of the tweeter’s more recent slick humor: “Utterly confused as to the difference between the dome and the top hat, but barreling forward with it anyhow.”—Bruce Trachtenberg