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    Transitional housing has generally been discredited as inefficient and taxing to resources. Do these units keep homeless people dependent or help them gain independence?

  • Chris

    To me it seems pretty obvious that this “article” was written by someone with a bias against micro housing:
    – First, the author gave no clear reason why Clark was arrested, except to give the impression that perhaps someone somewhere is trying to skirt zoning laws.
    – Why include a quote from someone who deliberately compares these homes to shacks or garden sheds, if not to imply that these cannot actually function as viable homes? I have yet to see a tiny home that did not have electricity and at least a water tank and composting toilet. They are certainly still viable if they have a shared bathroom facility on site, no?
    – The so-called drawbacks to tiny house living that the author cites are essentially the same sorts of considerations you would give when choosing any place to live: is it convenient to where I need to go? does it have the amenities I need to live my daily life? does it offer the level of privacy that I personally need? does it fit the stage of life that I expect to be in for the immediate future?
    – To the quote in the closing paragraph, “It is pretty clear that this solution is far from an independent living situation,” I ask: compared to what? is it more or less independent than living on the streets? is it more or less independent than living in a larger home that takes a much larger chunk of income than what may be affordable to that person? is it more or less independent than the basic homes that are constructed in developing nations throughout the world?

    Tiny homes aren’t for everyone, and maybe not even for the vast majority of folks. But let’s not conflate our own housing preferences as the only right choice for all.

    And, lastly, if our true opposition to micro housing is that it houses people who are possibly poorer or darker than we are, then we must call that to light and not cover up bigotry with claims that it’s the safety of the tiny home residents we’re worried about.