• Allen Scantland

    They’ve gotten either lazy and stupid, or have simply become corrupt. There are a litany of failed initiatives including Haiti where monies were donated, no homes were built, and no one held to account for millions spent on …. what exactly? With the money donated they could have shipped a cement factory, the materials for it and start an economic boom, but instead we have paltry excuses.

    But as much as we can hoist the Red Cross on a pitard, all donors should be aware of what charities spend on their administration and fundraising (aren’t they shill every time there is a disaster?), not only how effective their programs are (yes there should be a score card on programs, easy really).

    • Seth Perlman

      Your emphasis on judging organizations based on the funds they spend on so called “overhead” is not only wrongheaded it has been debunked by the majority of watchdog agencies. Additionally the opinions you purport as facts about the Red Cross are also wrong.

      • ruth

        we did not discuss overhead