Nashira Baril

Nashira Baril is the daughter and great-granddaughter of midwives, and birthed both of her children at home. Baril is the founder of Boston’s Neighborhood Birth Center—the first-of-its-kind community birth center—and cofounder and codirector of Birth Center Equity, a national strategy to rematriate full-spectrum capital to Black-, Indigenous-, and people-of-color–led birth centers. With a BA in women’s studies from the University of Massachusetts and an MPH in maternal and child health from Boston University School of Public Health—and nearly twenty years of experience designing and implementing public health strategies to advance racial equity—Baril brings a structural analysis and somatic practice to the design and implementation of public health strategies that advance justice and equity. Baril has worked at the Boston Public Health Commission, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Human Impact Partners.