Steven N. Pyser

A very lucky man and most happily married almost 30 years to my wonderful wife, Doreen. She is a talented and experienced physical therapist with a specialty in geriatrics and treating severe injuries sustained by combat veterans of all generations and branches of military service. My greatest work (for which I extremely proud) are my two children. Brandon is an ESL and elementary school teacher who has served City Year - Philadelphia (part of the AmeriCorps network for more than 20 years) and just returned from instructing students and adult learners in Barcelona, Spain. My daughter Cassidy is graduating high school in June 2015 and will be pursuing degree work to support development and sponsorship for a new nonprofit or NGO. The mission and vision will be advocating for and securing a spectrum of resources for healing and recovery of victims of violent criminal conduct, sexual and/or physical abuse between ages of 15-21 years. There is a gap in services specifically designed and deployed for this demographic." What is a dream story Steven would like to cover? "Bridging the Gap between Youth Employment and Global, National, Regional and Local Development. See workshop description I delivered at UN on February 11, 2015 as a starting point. I'm looking to scale and sustain a nonprofit or NGO for sharing best practices and application of critical thinking, decision making and problem solving tools to be deployed in global inter-generation and multicultural environments. One example of this work is described below.