NPQ’s editorial direction has been, in part, guided by an editorial advisory committee. This group is different each year and its members are selected from respondents to our annual survey..  The staff selects these members by reading each and every reader survey response to ensure that we understand our community. The advisory committee is chosen based on a diversity in background, geography, organization, and on the thoughtfulness of their responses. We convene the whole group once to help us frame our editorial agenda for the coming year and then individual members are  also consulted on an ongoing basis throughout the year to hone its recommendations and give feedback.

The members of this illustrious 2011 group are below. The 2012 group will be put together in the Spring with a meeting held in Boston in May. 

NPQ 2011/2012 Editorial Advisory Board

Jeanne Bell, CompassPoint Nonprofit Services

Robyn Blackwell, United Way of Acadiana

Kebo Drew, Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project

Anne Eigeman, Anne Eigeman Consulting

Kevin Gilnack, Massachusetts Providers’ Council

Michael Jackson, St. Vincent’s House

Kathi Jaworski, Nonprofit Association of Oregon and Write to Know Nonprofit Consulting

Valerie Jones, Community Thread

Nancy Knoche, Consultant

Lisa Maruyama, Hawai ’ i Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations

Robert Ottenhoff, GuideStar

Karen Parsons, PAARC

Lonnie Powers, Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation

Jon Pratt, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

Dolores Roybal, Con Alma Health Foundation

Paco Wertin, Christian Foundation for Children and Aging

Tammy Zonker, Fundraising Transformed