April 26, 2015



Exit Agreements for Nonprofit CEOs: A Guide for Boards and Executives

Work party This groundbreaking article on the topic of exit agreements for nonprofit executives discusses when such agreements are appropriate and what should be considered. Tom Adams, one of the authors of this piece, will be joining NPQ tomorrow for the first of an exclusive webinar series on executive transition, so sign up today!

An Important Read on Arguments

RuthOne of the things I remember most from high school is a class discussion on argumentation—more specifically, the problem of opposing yet-unstated premises in a discussion. It is one of the things that I keep in mind during disagreements.


In the
  • Non profitAs organizational theorists have described it, an organization’s risk of dying is highest at the point of its founding and decreases with age. So it is essential for new ...

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Are the Changes to Michigan’s Nonprofit Governance Rules Improvements?

NewsNPQ has found the legal wake-up calls issued to nonprofit boards that fall asleep at the wheel a welcome indicator of a healthier regulatory environment, but some see it differently.

Conflicts of Interest and a “Memo of Frustration”: A Community College Foundation Finds Itself in a Mess

DuPageThe boards of the College of DuPage and its foundation are very much in the public eye, and not in a good way.

Sweet Briar Stakeholders Continue Campaign while “Waiting for a Schneiderman”

Save Sweet BriarThe stakeholders of Sweet Briar College are trying to get the court to delay the college’s closing so that the situation can be thoughtfully considered. They need an activist AG who indicates he understands that time is the major variable to ensure a good decision.

Schneiderman Serious About Nonprofit Boards Getting Serious: Two Boards Sued for Misuse of Assets

NY AGIn this case, as in the one today on Cooper Union, the NY Attorney General challenges boards on their misuse of organizational assets—in this case, two buildings.

Ethics, Bad Board Chairs, and the Dirty Little Car Repair Shop

RuthNPQ’s Nonprofit Ethicist wants to help you with your questions about ethics in and around your organization. 

The Shifting Parameters of Governance: Some Thoughts about Sweet Briar, Indiana, and the Role of Boards


Stakeholders expect their interests to be considered in a reasonable way, and if they are not, they may take action and there are increasing numbers of models for such revolts.