May 23, 2015



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  • The Challenges of New Nonprofits

    Non profitAs organizational theorists have described it, an organization’s risk of dying is highest at the point of its founding and decreases with age. So it is essential for new ...

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Bob Gates: Preserving the Boy Scouts Means Ending Prohibition against Gay Leaders

Bob Gates Former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates, in his role as president of the Boy Scouts of America, now says ending the organization’s national prohibition against gay leadership is the only way to save it.

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Full, Accurate & Anticipatory Disclosure Would Help Put Clinton Foundation Media Stories to Bed

Hillary-Clinton-redMany of the stories about the Clinton Foundation that have entranced critics of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign could have been nipped in the bud had the foundation anticipated the questions it probably should have.

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Bathroomgate at the Breakers: The Vanderbilts vs. the Preservation Society

Newport-mansionIn organizational development, we know that all kinds of things can affect organizational culture, including the field of work, your community, and your donors. These influences have produced a Gilded Age drama worthy of Masterpiece Theater in Newport, Rhode Island.

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Freddie Gray’s Death: Due to an Inadequate Supply of Charter Schools in Baltimore? Really?

Freddie GrayThe tragic death of Freddie Gray had roots in Baltimore’s history of racial inequities and problems of police-community relations, but to conclude that an increase in the city’s acceptance of charter schools might be a prominent solution seems like a big, non-racial non sequitur.

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Five Oregon Schools Offer More Than Books—They Promote Inclusion

NewsWhen innovative tools are provided, it’s amazing what some kids can accomplish.

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Unique Needs of Veterans in Rural Areas Taken Up by HAC

NewsThe Housing Assistance Council, a top rural advocacy organization, is bringing attention to the problems faced by military veterans in rural America. 

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