July 11, 2014

Policy/Social Context


When PR Ensures the Buck Never Stops

MCIt is very difficult to find examples of people in responsibility actually taking responsibility for the crises and failures of the organizations they lead. In the wake of the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki and Mary Barra’s recent announcement of the results of an internal probe of automobile recall problems at General Motors, it may be appropriate to ask where the...

PETA vs. SeaWorld: The Creative Tactics and Tech that Drive PETA’s SeaWorld Campaign

SeaWorldPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has been fighting to have Tilikum orca released from SeaWorld in Orlando since 1998. This article, reprinted from NTEN: Change, examines how PETA has pursued this goal, including using the CNN documentary Blackfish as a springboard.


In the

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A Look into the Massive Expansion of Health Centers under ACA

NebulaAs with any major growth, the expansion of community health centers is challenging and creates some opportunity for failure.

UK Opposition Favors Public Service Delivery by Social Enterprises

PenIn its zeal to replace big government by creating a new Big Society, David Cameron’s Conservative coalition government took steps to wrest the provision of public services away from the public sector.

Glenn Greenwald Reveals NSA/FBI Surveillance of Muslim-American Activists’ Emails

newsMore Edward Snowden/Glenn Greenwald revelations: The U.S. government monitored the email accounts of five Muslim-American activists in apparent violation of FISA standards for email surveillance.

NAMI Reports 80% Unemployment for People with Serious Mental Illness

No workAccording to NAMI, employment rates for people with serious mental illness are on the decline, with 17.8 percent of people receiving public mental health services employed in 2012 as compared to 23 percent in 2003. But, they say, there is an opportunity to turn that around!

Tepid Progress on Detroit Water Crisis, But Where Are the Big Nonprofit Players?

WaterThe Detroit Department of Water and Sewerage is taking tepidly positive steps on the water crisis, such as notifying commercial and industrial customers that they might be delinquent too and ginning up a $1 million fund to help lower-income residential customers. Those are steps that wouldn’t have happened had it not been for the advocacy of Rep. John Conyers and a handful of grassroots nonprofits, but there’s so much more to be done—and we’re waiting for mainstream nonprofits and foundations to announce what they’re going to do to intervene in this human rights crisis.

Nonprofits Protest San Francisco’s Skimpy COLA Increases

SFThe City by the Bay is ground zero for rampant gentrification and skyrocketing living costs, continuing to put pressure on local nonprofits and their employees to survive.