Culture Suck: How a Bad Ethical Culture Can Doom a Good Nonprofit

FROM THE ARCHIVE: A negative culture almost always organizes itself around secrets that must not be revealed. When that culture is deeply entrenched, trying to reveal what’s hidden can be like taking your life in your hands. The shocking demise of New York’s Healing Arts Initiative emphasizes the need for nonprofit boards and executives to reinforce the inherent cultures of their organizations and consciously build habits of integrity and vigilance that become part of that culture.

Self-Coaching Strategies for Nonprofit Leaders

This simple but elegant article from Community Resource Exchange in New York provides a format for in-the-moment self-coaching that will prove useful for most nonprofit leaders. Using a variety of situations as cases, it walks the reader through how to consider options for action and dialogue. This is another must-share, in that it could greatly reduce time wasted in needless drama and miscommunication.