Oppressed Nonprofit Executives & References for the Unworthy: The Ethicist Weighs In

How many professional ethicists respond to questions that cite Sun Tzu and The Art of War with answers drawn from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes? NPQ’s Nonprofit Ethicist finds answers to ethical conundrums concerning ugly confrontations among staff and board members, dysfunctional executive directors, and organizations chasing money in logic, philosophy, and literature. Remember to weigh in with more.

The Nonprofit Ethicist | Summer 2012

Should a board member who wants to be CEO resign from the board, or is taking a leave of absence sufficient? Is it an invasion of privacy to use a prospect research company to obtain information on a prospective donor? What is the best way to handle “closet bigots” in the office? And what should you do if concerns about your executive director’s charging unrelated expenses to grants fall on deaf ears? Our resident expert responds.

The Nonprofit Ethicist | Fall/Winter 2011

According to our trusty Nonprofit Ethicist, “when it comes to ethics, if it looks bad, it is bad.” Does it look okay for the director of a social services organization to raise funds for other organizations through a side business? How about if a board chair puts himself in the running for the executive director position but doesn’t step down as chair? It looks, in the Ethicist’s words—“Bad. Bad. Bad.”