• Jon Davies (WMUK)

    Beware of cut and paste journalism! The facts are quite different and Wikimedia UK has handled the potential for a conflict of interest in line with Charity Commission guidelines and expert legal advice. I know this is very dull and doesn’t actually make much of a headline – but if anyone does want to know the facts please go to our blog:

  • Gregory Kohs

    Note that Bamkin *has* resigned from the Wikimedia UK board, as he should have weeks ago. Jon Davies (previous comment) has a vested interest, of course, in downplaying the magnitude of this PR scandal.

    It’s refreshing to see the media giving this scandal the ample coverage that it deserves. Year after year, unsuspecting donors chip in $10, $25, $50, and more to support the Wikimedia Foundation, on the premise that without money, Wikipedia might have to shut down. We’ll in actuality, the WMF is spending on program services only 46 cents of every dollar it receives. The rest is wasted on overhead, “staff” members who look for things to do on top of the thousands of volunteers who are really keeping Wikipedia alive.

    Anyway, one thing I always am amused by — because it is so predictable — is this culture of denial and cover-up when the insider corruption at Wikipedia goes public. In fact, I wrote a news piece that carefully exposes the “denial” and the “cover-up” phases, with convenient links to every under-handed action of the True Believers. If you’d like to read: http://www.examiner.com/article/cover-up-begins-wikipedia-s-gibraltar-scandal

    Great work, media — keep up the pressure on Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation. There’s plenty more just waiting for even a modestly-talented investigative reporter.

  • Steven

    There is no “Wikipedia UK”. There is an independent non-profit chapter called Wikimedia UK, but they don’t control Wikipedia.