• Terry Fernsler

    Excellent points, but I wonder if the problems professionalism in the nonprofit sector are an operationalization of the larger context of our neoliberal society (characterized by individual liberty, competition, individual responsibility, and a work (not production) ethic. Is care of the whole person something that society wants anymore, or have we so compartmentalized the whole person that compartmentalization is the new default? If so, are nonprofits trying to provide something for which there is not market any more?

  • Gary Webster

    As a fairly new member of a charter school established by a foundation as a Board Representative, I related this article to the charter school “movement” in America. The comments about non-profits becoming mere producers and users seem to be most appropriate for many civic organizations. I intend to distribute this to my “non-profit” colleagues. Mr. Schambra hit the nail on the head. Thanks for such meaningful articles.