• Katie-Jay Scott

    I like the idea of having more days around giving – both in service, but in donations as well. So many great nonprofits need more support to pay the people who run the programs. It’s essential. There would be no programs without staff, and building our new donors through giving days who can become larger or more regular donors is key to this. To help i-ACT increase donations and focus on the donor experience, and it’s interface with social media, we’ve switched to Commit Change for our donations, crowdfunding, campaigns, and events. They have been wonderful to work with so far.

  • Roderick Campbell (CommitChange)

    Katie-Jay, we’re also thrilled to be working with your team at i-ACT. There have already been internal conversations about ways we can help optimize for your organization. I’m glad to hear your experience has been wonderful so far, but we’re only getting started! Please don’t hesitate to share any feedback, suggestions, or ideas with our team.

    Welcome to CommitChange!