• Tom

    Sometimes the admission and putting something on paper, although not enforceable and drive the culture of an organization. I’ve worked at the top tier of hospitals in the US and a bottom one.

    Same mission, yet one discussed it, talked about it, advertised it… the other did not. Guess which one was the successful one?

  • Barry

    Gee, is it just me or does this piece appear to be a most peculiar case of “Sour Grapes”…

    Especially odd in my mind, given the continued melt-down and transformation of just about anything related to the “Non-Profit” modeling of organization that NPQ itself and you, Rick Cohen have been on about quite a bit since……

    Something just gets lost in translation herein, if this piece is meant to ascribe a sense of “Superiority” to the Non-Profit sector, for its own proclivities in the marketplace…..

    For we can see example after example of “Corrupt and Dysfunctional” Non-Profits of all stripes busy seeking funding from the marketplace of finance that benefits NO ONE but their hierarchy….so what’s the rub here with not recognizing the need and potential benefit to morph the model for better performance for the Public Square ?