• youbook

    And don’t forget about all of the school districts who took Gates money and used it for similar “teacher effectiveness” programs. This is just one of many districts. Follow the money.

  • Patricia Schaefer

    The fundamental flaw is that we are expecting the private and philanthropic sectors to undertake what is ultimately the responsibility of local, state and, yes, the federal government: to ensure educational equity for all.

  • Ashley Milton

    This statement is right and wrong at the same time. We can reorganize the system of approving teachers but we shouldn’t forget that the objects of this experiment are children and if it doesn’t give any good results, no one will give the time they have wasted back. That is why we need to guarantee some percentage of success whatever the result would be. On the other hand young teachers need to gain experience and professionalism somewhere and school is the best place for that, we can’t just fire them. The article posted on http://theundercoverrecruiter.com/confident-interview/ tells about very low chances for the people to find another job after being fired for incompetence.