• Third Sector Radio USA

    “There are two types of people in the world–those who think there are two types of people and those who don’t.” (Attributed to David Levy, but likely precedes him.) Binary thinking, even though it seems popular, likely gets us into more trouble than we need be. As Steve Dubb suggests, we live in a complex world with a wide variety of people within most groups. My own “progressive” Boomer generation made strides in civil society, while also producing a new wave of neo-fascists and anti-communal libertarians. If one were to spend time on the campus where I work, it would be easy to dispel the moniker of :progressive” in this the “hotbed of conformity.” I think the richness of the millennial generation is its diversity, and that makes categorizing millennials as a generation futile. So perhaps there are two types of people: those who engage in exercises of futility and those who do not.

  • Rhiannon Orizaga

    You know what else is getting old? Millennials. I turned 34 yesterday and hearing myself referred to as a “kid” and more obliquely as part of some sort of cutting-edge-generation is hilarious. It feels like we’re all just focused on careers, family, and paying off student loans. If you want to study an exciting demographic, look at Gen Z. I personally think they are going to be much more impactful, because they share our ideals and beliefs and didn’t get slaughtered/jaded by the Great Recession. I also think this quote is spot on with regards to trying to “explain” a generation: “this is one place where you’re allowed to make gross generalizations that would hardly be acceptable if we were talking about race or gender or ethnicity.”

  • David Patt

    Every generation, however it is defined, is going to be different. There’s nothing surprising or dramatic about that. And people will change as they age. We need to track those changes so we are always marketing appropriately. And we need to understand that age is only one trait and not always the defining one for any group of people.

    I think the obsession about Millennial behavior is partly due to preceding generations feeling they’ve unearthed all of life’s answers and want to pass them on to younger folks. And those folks don’t seem to want to listen.

  • Kebo Drew

    The sub-heading for every nonprofit sector of the last 5 years should just be: GEN X is the BEST!