Fundraising is generally defined (via BusinessDictionary)as the process of soliciting financial support and is an essential way for most nonprofits to bring in revenue for their organization’s mission. Fundraising is about so much more than just asking for money. It also consists of ways for charitable organizations to build relationships, bring in foundation support, and attract new donors.

There are many important steps in the fundraising process, from finding prospects to donor retention. Nonprofit Quarterly’s fundraising development expert Simone Joyaux has written an extensive column, Unraveling Development, that gives nonprofit workers an in depth look into fundraising tactics and strategies for nonprofits.

Top Ten Popular Fundraising Articles

To learn more about what fundraising is, please take a look at these ten popular columns on Nonprofit Quarterly that will help you gain insights on fundraising development:

  1. Fundraising on a Budget and Understanding the Fundraising Budget
  2. New “Bright Spots” Report a Goldmine for Nonprofits about Successful Fundraising at the Grassroots
  3. Fundraising Isn’t about Money…Neither Is Giving: Part 1
  4. Firing Your Development Director? Join the Club
  5. Marketing Automation: A Fundraiser’s Friend or Foe?
  6. Fundraising Performance vs. Fundraiser Performance—Part 3
  7. Study: Being Called “Spam” Threatens Nonprofit Fundraising
  8. What Should Your Fund Development Plan Include?
  9. Giving Tuesday Sees Slower Growth: Wise Nonprofits Will Steward their Fundraising Carefully
  10. Choosing Your Fundraising Strategies

The Foundation Directory Online is also a valuable resource for researching grants, providing reliable and comprehensive information on grantmakers and grants available in the United States.