• Carol Spinner

    I agree with you 100% the donors are the real heros and fundraising isn’t about the money. Each and every donor has a story and a passion for what they fund. The money is a mere representation of what the donor is compassionate about. I I find most donors are very deep compassion which goes far beyond the eyes. They possess a deep desire which results in them donating and lobbing for an interest that lies so close to their heart that if they didn’t give they couldn’t live themselves. They are truly awesome people!

  • Nora White

    I think sometimes volunteering can be traded by helping one another. For instance, I needed some heavy items moved in my garage which for some people is an easy task. I am 81yrs old and don’t have the strength for some tasks so I had to hire someone and paid $100. for 15 minutes of moving items.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone close to me who could take the time to help me and with a fixed income it adds up when you need to have a few simple repairs done. I also needed a leaky faucet repaired and called a plumber who gave me a senior discount. The total bill for him was $140. and he was done in 10 mins. If my husband were alive he could have fixed this with no problem.

    I want to know if there are any groups in a community that offer trading services like I am a great cook, I sew and can do alterations, and since I also clean houses daily I would be able to provide these as my form of payment and ask for an equal type of fix or task in return. This way I feel it would benefit both parties and get to know people as well.

    I can also learn by watching how the repair is done or teach someone how to cook japanese food and you can never stop learning. I sometimes try to work around something broken or in need of repair if I can’t afford to hire someone and at my age it can be dangerous. I have asked friends and family who have put effort into a repair but most often it will break again so it’s best to find someone who is capable and knows what they are doing.

    What do you think about this? Perhaps you know some people already sharing in a community? Please let me know.
    Have a good day,
    Nora White

  • Donna Knotek

    Retelling donor stories is something that I need to work on, so thanks for this post which served as a reminder for me. Telling donor stories often feels like I’m giving out private information, but in reality the donors passion, why they choose to support your cause, and their enthusiasm are all great things to bring into a conversation with other donors and prospects. Thanks for the reminder. I enjoyed reading this post.

  • Suzanne Vaughan

    Interesting, and I agree that the use of stories and donor identities are more important than financial transactions. However, financial transactions they are, and I wonder when the discourse is going to shift to doing the most good that we can with the money we have? Donors are in the incredibly fortunate position to be able to give away money that most people can’t, let’s help them become bigger, better heroes by ensuring that stories discuss impact and scale as well as action vs. inaction.

  • Johan Matthews

    This is an interesting context for the the donor: The hero of the Non profit’s narrative. However, when I consider the larger narrative of doing good, I observe the rise of the social enterprise which has strayed away from conventional donor –org relations to one of consumer–social merchandise. With this in mind, I’m forced to wonder about the character of the donor within this context and my question becomes how will it be reconciled with the traditional non profit landscape?

  • Karen K

    This is a beautiful post = thank you for sharing it!

  • Sandra Farmer

    Yes, i agree oragnizations put too much emphasis on obtaining funding.Some Organizations forget that donors have a direct connection to the cause. It is important that we recognize donor values and appreciate how close to the heart it can be. Identify. Its not about the money, it about the donor, thenand cause , individual served in the organization. So thank you donors for your service to society. Without donor organizations could not function.