• Regina Birdsell

    I was very interested in the topic because it finally moved the conversation away from who is better at solving problems, business vs nonprofit organizations, and focused on the most impactful way to address the problem they were trying to solve and borrowing best practices to service those goals. Maybe it is time that we all agree that it takes a village of thoughtful people to make an impact on a community or a complex system.

  • CandaceID

    Very interesting. Forwarded.
    My only tiny quip is there are a few of us who didn’t know what M & A was till Lesson 3.

    Thank you SO much for bringing such new ideas to our attention and giving enough detail that we have something to chew on.

  • Brisbane

    Well done Goodstart! However, what about your employees who have to buy paint and resources for the children? What about quality care for the children, rather than basing your levels of staffing on some equation that doesn’t take into account the needs of individual children and families. From the outside it may look all rosy, but from an employee’s perspective, the company still runs as if it is a FOR PROFIT organisation