• Wayne

    This is a problematic article that uses analysis by another publication and another community leader’s opinion to make three recommendations that are misguided. The Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund was a joint initiative among Black, Latino, and Asian nonprofit umbrella organizations, and $833,333 that the three organizations will each receive will be regranted to member agencies. It should be noted that organizations of color receive a miniscule amount of funding from foundation, corporate, and government sources. The three recommendations are naive at best and flawed at worst. First, foundation, corporate, and individual donations are made to nonprofits based on relationships, not solely on competitive application processes, so City Council discretionary funding is based on similar relationships. Discretionary funding is not pork, but the meat and potatoes of nonprofit organizations which address important challenges in their communities. Smaller nonprofit organizations may not be competitive for government RFPs, so discretionary funding benefits organizations that serve and represent vulnerable communities. Second, 501(c)3 organizations are allowed to lobby according to IRS guidelines as long as it’s not a substantial part of their programs (less than 15% of operating budget). So advocating for government funding does not put a 501(c)3 at risk as long as they comply with lobbying reporting. Third, nonprofit boards are responsible for governance, strategic, and fiduciary duties of a nonprofit organization. Having board members who hold the nonprofit accountable, raise needed funds, and oversee policies is the measure of a strong board, not what sector (corporate, nonprofit, government, etc.) these board members come from. A mostly corporate board is fine as long as an umbrella organization gets meaningful input from member agencies.

  • Zafarrano Wolffe

    Especially in the education field and particularly in the realm of charter schools, the phrase “non-profit” seems to endow a type of sainthood on all involved. A behind-the-blue curtain look, however, may reveal a sausage factory.