• Kebo Drew

    Did this article seriously use Fox News as source to give context to the demise of ACORN? The video is widely known to be a conservative hoax as has been reported by numerous media sources that are actually reputable. The reports of voter registration fraud came largely as an attack on ACORN’s success in registering people of color voters, namely Black and Latino people. The organization actually self-reported issues with its registration forms. Given the gutting of the voting act and other efforts to disenfranchise votes led by Boehner and his fellows, quoting him for this article leaves me absolutely appalled.




    It is true that the high-level leadership and culture of ACORN was not accountable to its members. It is also true that its structure and organization issues led to a disconnect of mission and social justice value. The good news is that due to this disorganization the local chapters were able to implement the group’s original mission and re-commit to serving its members.

    Seriously, Ruth & Rick, you know I love y’all something fierce but you slept on this one.

  • Tom Vasquez

    This is a mortifyingly bad piece of writing. It quotes Darrell Issa (a firebrand Republican, not exactly an impartial source) the Capital Research Center (which describes itself as investigating “the aims and activities of left-liberal special interest groups”), and Fox News. Rather than being a serious piece about how ACORN has continued its mission, it’s a series of disconnected thoughts and innuendo stitched together. Disappointing.

  • Dave Beckwith

    Poor job, sadly shallow and filled with inaccuracies and unsupported and plainly biased conclusions. Not up to NPQ standards. Imagine using “facts” from discredited fox news coverage and deeply partisan Rep. Darryl Issa! The “suicide” crack at the end is the true measure of this pedestrian mini-screed. The facts support a finding of political assassination. As a former funder and as the whistleblower who brought the coverup and embezzlement to light, I am in a position to know how wrong these lazy “scholars” are. Shame on NPQ for publishing and thus adding to the sad legacy of complicity in the demise of this important voice for the poor but courageous Americans of ACORN.

  • Katy

    Did the authors of this piece speak to anyone about ACORN’s demise, or did they just extensively Google ACORN? Did they attempt to discern just why John Boehner and Darryl Issa would have a problem with ACORN?

  • Drew Astolfi

    Your analysis is fundamentally flawed b/c you have entirely removed any political content from the piece. ACORN was not a non-profit social service agency it was a voice for the voiceless – and therefore had enemies. The attacks began after the group proved to be an extremely powerful electoral force.

    Depressingly weak article.

  • Greg Markus

    There are, like, actual, well-researched books about ACORN that could have been consulted (e.g., John Atlas’s _Seeds of Change) rather than using Fox News as a primary source. But then that would have required something more than Googling “ACORN” and using whatever popped up. NPQ should be mortified that they permitted this hatchet-job to be published under their masthead.