• Alison Curry

    The new site update is a wonderful iteration of the Guidestar website – bold, colorful and easy to read: an excellent compliment to 990s!

  • Gayle

    While it’s prettier, the whole site seems oriented to moving folks to purchase the premium package, otherwise you have to spend quite a lot of energy trying to find the free 990s on the site. You can only get them by clicking into the incomplete pdf reports. Looks like I’ll be spending my time at The Foundation Center using their FREE 990 finder without going through the layers of materials to get to Guidestar’s 990s.

    • Jackie

      Hi Gayle –

      Thank you for your feedback. We are pleased to say nothing has changed with what is free versus what is behind a paid subscription. The 3 most current years of 990s are still available; you can find them on the upper right hand side of the Nonprofit Profiles (under the yellow bar).

      If you have any additional questions you can reach me at [email protected].

      Jackie Enterline
      Media and Outreach Manager at GuideStar