• 1234

    Wonderfully ironic that Newman chose to deceive his students with a survey in advance of a symposium named after the Roman goddess of truth.

  • Susan Ruderman

    In an earlier piece, when Newman was first scrambling to do damage control, he defended his statement by saying he was misquoted. The quote that he remembered saying was “puppies,” not “bunnies.” So it was “drown the puppies” not “drown the bunnies.” I’m sure this revised quote brought solace to rabbit lovers everywhere…

    At the root of this fiasco is Mount St. Mary’s University’s precarious financial state. If the university wasn’t hemorrhaging money, the board might not have felt compelled to hire someone from the financial world, from outside of academia. And now, despite Newman’s demonstrated lack of fit with the culture, the board feels compelled to stick with him and turn this into a “reconciliation.” Understandable that the university would want to save face, especially in this season of college acceptances and decision making, but I doubt very much that this is last we will hear of Mr. Newman’s clashes with the faculty.