• Leconte

    We must do something immediately! It is clear that racism is involved. It could not possibly be that some members of some races or cultures are 1.1% more likely to conduct themselves in ways that
    disrupt the learning process. I challenge anyone to show examples of such behavior in schools with minority student majorities.

    We must prohibit charter schools from using “subjective” categories like “defiance” or “disrespect” as reasons to suspend students. It is important that charter schools be as unable to educate their students as public schools.

    And, it is highly suspect that as little kids in elementary school grow into teenagers that they would be viewed as more oppositional and less likely to follow rules. Who ever heard of that? Clearly racism again.

    Finally, it is unconscionable that schools formed specifically due to the failure of public schools should have “alarming” rates of 1.1% greater overall suspensions, and 1.8% greater suspensions of the
    disabled. We can only assume that the school staff and not the students are responsible.

    Legislation must be passed immediately to put the students in charge of all disciplinary decisions.
    If any study shows a 1.1% difference or greater in the rates of punishment of one group from another, there must be fines, imprisonment, or the charter schools themselves must be shut down.

    Thank you Ruth for bringing these “alarming” circumstances to our attention.