Does Defunct Second Mile Charity Need a Second Look by State Investigators? 

May 16, 2016; Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

NPQ readers are no strangers to the litany of board governance problems at Jerry Sandusky’s now-defunct charity, The Second Mile. As reported by NPQ in the fall of 2011, the list of the nonprofit’s sins reads like an a la carte menu of what not to do. Among the selections: founder as titled corporate officer, board conflicts of interest, lack of board term limits, and donors and celebrities as “leaders.”

We know it’s an absurd way to run a nonprofit, but did Second Mile’s sloppy governance structure help to cover up Sandusky’s abuse of children? And, as NPQ asked in 2012, why wasn’t The Second Mile investigated?

During the 2012 trial that resulted in Sandusky’s conviction on 45 counts of child sexual abuse, The Second Mile played a most uncomfortable starring role when it was revealed that Sandusky met all of the victims involved in the criminal charges that sent him to jail through The Second Mile’s programs. Understandably, some people would like to know who at the Second Mile knew what and when?

Pennsylvania Solicitor General Bruce Castor told the Tribune-Review he has asked a head investigator to compile a memo on “what an investigation into the Second Mile would look like.” Castor was bothered by the question when he wrote an opinion memo for attorney general Kathleen Kane regarding the dismissal of the most serious charges against three former Penn State administrators accused of a cover-up in the Sandusky case.

“It began bothering me like a pebble in my shoe, this long-held perception that The Second Mile may have provided some of Sandusky’s victims,” Castor said. “My question is, what did they know and when did they know it?”

Concerns have been raised that the lack of investigation to date is related to former attorney general and former governor Tom Corbett. Corbett received political contributions from people with ties to The Second Mile and approved a $3 million grant to the organization in 2011. Corbett has denied that the contributions and the decision to not prosecute Second Mile officials were related. Further, he says that changing if he had reversed the initial approval of the $3 million grant in 2011, it would have compromised the investigation of Sandusky and The Second Mile then underway.

The Second Mile’s board of directors said in a statement in November of 2011 that it had accepted the resignation of Jack Raykovitz, who served as the CEO of the organization for nearly three decades while children in his program were victimized by Sandusky. The Second Mile board promised to conduct an internal investigation to assess policies and make recommendations regarding future operations. It is unclear if that ever happened.

What is clear is that when nonprofits do not have strong board governance practices, staff, clients, stakeholders, donors, and taxpayers can get hurt or exploited. The Jerry Sandusky/Second Mile/Penn State scandal highlights the dangers of poor governance and management. This scandal’s tragic scope and intense publicity may influence more media and regulators to ask of other nonprofits, “Where was the Board?” when they face public crises of public confidence.—Carrie Collins-Fadell and Michael Wyland

  • FarOutWest

    Yet activities as hideous and vile were committed at Penn State for 20+ years and nothing was ever done…

    Penn State has operated the ugliest, most wretched scheme ever devised- football gods (now we now as devils) operating a 501(c)(3) for the sole purpose of grooming innocent boys for brutal raping by wealthy donors and high ranking university officials.
    So when caught, what did Penn State do? Hire Louis Freeh, pay pocket change as a fine, and continue their hideous activities!

    Penn State paid their pervert president $3 million in exchange for his silence as to the names of the wealthy donors who paid for their hideous and sickening activities through Pedophile State. Ped State continues to traffick in sex crimes, yet no one cares and no federal investigation occurs.

    Nothing happened in ‘Hapless Valley’ without the knowledge and approval of JoePed. JoePed’s home phone number was listed in the White Pages and through Directory Assistance. Why? When the Deputy Sheriff in Backwater County, Ohio discovered Penn State’s first string running back on top of a fourteen year old in the back seat of a Chevy Impala, calling Joe and forgetting the incident resulted in a pair of good seats to the Notre Dame or Ohio State game, or a Penn State scholarship to the Deputy’s child.

    Penn State’s ‘sanction’ was nothing more than a whitewash. Pedophile State paid Graham Spanier $3 million for his silence regarding the wealthy donors who received young boys groomed by Sandusky, Paterno, AD Curley, President Spanier, and Senior VP Schulze. Federal prosecutors should have investigated the pit of perverts, not Louis Freeh. Pedophile State was let off easy, and the world knows it.
    Jerry Sandusky founded the ‘Second Mile’ charity in the late 1980’s for the sole purpose of finding and grooming innocent boys for Penn State high ranking administrators and wealthy donors. Pedophile State’s Board of Trustees knew and approved of the hideous activities.

    JoePa is forever JoePed.
    JoePerv should be posthumously registered as a sex offender.

  • • This article is on point. Answers to these questions (and so many others swept under a very expensive rug) are imperative for truth and any semblance of justice to emerge from this shameful, decades long criminality. We should not kid ourselves, the cover-up continues. This story is much bigger than PSU and Second Mile. Keep pulling on the threads.

  • Janet Kudravetz

    So many people would love for you to pursue this story. The Second Mile, and Dr. Raykovitz, et al., have NEVER been questioned about their failures here. They were told of the Penn State shower incident and told Jerry Sandusky to “wear shorts next time.” Members of the 2011 Board of Trustees had a very strong presence with TSM, as well. Something is very fishy here, and no one seems to want to pursue it.